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Travel Plan
Where can you find benefits designed for you when you are away from home and the unexpected happens? Everyone is
increasingly mobile, enjoying more travel for vacation, business and retirement.

  • 80% of Americans (over 18) take a trip 100 miles or more away from home that lasts at least one night or more.
  • Over 50% of international travel is performed by senior citizens.

What do you do if death occurs and you are in a foreign country or up at the cabin?  That's why life membership in the International Welcome Home Society is so important.

Key benefits:

  • Return of mortal remains when you are 100 miles away from your legal residence.
  • Worldwide membership benefits
  • Elimnation of confusion and stress
  • Set procedures for time of need, so there will be no added stress due to any uncertainty about what to do.


Becoming a life member of International Welcome Home Society is as easy as:

1.  Complete a simple application

2.  Submit a one-time     membership fee (no other payment is ever needed)

3.  Receive your International Welcome Home Society membership card and enjoy peace of mind anywhere you travel!

To get started, please visit our online store to purchase the Travel Plan Informational Packet. For questions, please send us an e-mail at jeannemcgillcsa@gmail.com

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