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The Gift of Funeral Pre-Planning
Have you ever received a gift that left you with such a grateful heart at a time when you hurt the most?

That gift is YOUR funeral Pre-Planning. Why would you want to talk and plan about a subject that can be so stressful and uncomfortable? Because it's going to happen. It is a fact; at some point in time you and I are going to die. We just don't know when or how. Why would now be a good time to start making these arrangements?

Pre-Planning is a very simple process. It's Even FREE!  You can set up a file at the funeral home or cremation society yourself. In that file will be the information for the death certificate and the recording of what services you want. You can plan as little or as much as you feel comfortable. These funeral homes will file these documents for you as well as provide you with a personal copy for your records. You can then tell your family "everything is planned for what I want at ABC funeral home. Here is the phone number, call day or night." That's Pre-Planning.

The next process is Pre-Payment of the funeral. Pre-Payment policies vary from state to state as well as the vehicle that the money is invested in.  Why is it a good idea to Pre-Pay?

  • Most seniors tell me "We are living a lot longer, using up all of our assets, and won't have much to pass on to our children. But the one thing I don't want my children to have to do is pay for my funeral."
  • Most adult children tell me "I don't mind paying a couple hundred dollars at the funeral if I need to... But I can't afford thousands!"
  • Many Funeral Homes require payment on the day of arrangements. You either have to have a pre-paid burial or a charge card.
  • Funeral Pre-Planning and Pre-payment make sense emotionally and financially! Invest in your families future... even when your not there.
When you purchase a mattress you are not just buying the mattress, you are buying a good night sleep. When you Pre-Pay a funeral, you area attesting to the value of your life, dignity, and you are acknowledging to your family that at the time when they are hurting the most, you will be there for them.
"Endeavor so to live that when you come to die, even the undertaker will be sorry!"    Mark Twain
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